Home Insurance

We understand that unfortunate circumstances might happen, and we want to be protected. That is why we will be able to help you arrange for an insurance plan to protect all your household contents at no charge.

When finding a home in the Netherlands for our clients we follow established processes:

To consult on the house search market, we give an advice on locations and collect your house requirements. We do understand it might be difficult for someone to decide the best fit location if you are completely new to the Netherlands.
We make sure that we both parties are clear what we will find you the house you would like to rent. We will sign the document with information on rental costs, location details, local services, and your 3 must have wished.
We propose available housing options from our trusted network – often even before they are listed in the market
Option for sharing a video of listings if you prefer remote viewing if you are still not in The Netherlands
We negotiate on your behalf the conditions of the tenancy agreement and check all the details for you

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