housing in amsterdam

Housing in Amsterdam

Let WE4EXPATS introduce you to Housing in Amsterdam and explore the different facets of life in The Netherlands. From the canals with their iconic 17th century houses to striking modern architecture. Finding a new home and settling into the local community is critical to the success of an expatriate assignment. Moving into a suitable home and location will certainly ease this integration.

Having an expert in the property market is the best way to find suitable accommodation that meets your budget. We have helped hundreds of expats to find their rental apartment in Holland. In addition, we work with local experts throughout the country including Haarlem, The Hague, Rotterdam, or other cities in finding the home that is perfect for you!

Exclusive home search benefits for clients include:

  • Access to ALL agents’ properties, often before they are on the market
  • Accompanied on the property viewings for houses in Amsterdam
  • Video tours of properties if you prefer to view remotely
  • Lease agreement screening to avoid real estate legal pitfalls
  • Arranging furniture rental, purchase and delivery if required
  • Thorough check-in report ensuring high success of deposit refund
  • Smooth move in with utilities subscription service included

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most popular cities to live in, and rightly so! Living in this capital of culture and nightlife means finding interesting places and people every day. Housing in Amsterdam has become quite expensive as a result, seeing the joy of living there is the world’s worst kept secret.

When searching for a house in Amsterdam, you don’t want to leave anything to luck. Get a head-start to all who use ‘Expats in Amsterdam’ Facebook groups by letting us do the cherry picking of properties, before they even appear online. Finding a suitable house for a reasonable price is a process of multiple steps;

When finding a home in the Netherlands we thus follow an established process:

We know how difficult it can be to understand the location, price range or renting conditions when you are relocating to Holland. So let us do the legwork for you instead. With our first intake interview, we collect your housing requirements and share our knowledge with you.
We ensure that you have received expert advice about the house search process and what the real estate market offers. Document your specific wish list and any agreed additional services and fees. If we indicate that your housing requirements are feasible, we start our service. Before we commence work on your behalf, you will be expected to pay a commitment deposit of EUR 250.00 (+21% VAT). This amount will be deducted from the final service fee. We are ready now to find your rental apartment in The Netherlands!

Housing in Amsterdam options

We propose available housing in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or any other city in The Netherlands several options from our trusted network of local brokers and landlords. You may benefit from viewing properties often before they are visible on the market. We will do our utmost to ensure that the landlord chooses you when there are more candidates.

You will be accompanied by the property viewings. Performing a video viewing is an option if you prefer to view remotely. Particularly helpful if you are not yet based in The Netherlands, something we see more often due to the pandemic. We will point out to you the peculiarities in Dutch houses that are important when valuing a house. To save you valuable time, we select only properties that suit your needs and wishes.
Let us negotiate on your behalf the conditions of the agreement and explain local conventions in tenancy agreements including deposits, break clauses, and typical lease lengths. Before the key handover ceremony, the payments of the 1 st month rent and the deposit, together with our fee have to be paid. We make sure that the rent and the deposit will be transferred to the landlord in time.

Support through the whole process

On your move-in day, our representative will be with you to perform inventory checks, whilst documenting the actual state of the property. This part is very important to ensure the future return of the deposit and avoid claims of additional payment. The stories of expats being scammed in Amsterdam are unfortunately plenty. With our assistance, you are assured of legal assistance to whatever claim or negligence you might be confronted with.

Utility providers (water, gas and electricity) who offer flexible contracts are selected as part of our settling-in package. It is of critical importance to ensure flexibility in subscription cancellations, should you need to move out, sooner than initially planned.

Recent surge in prices of electricity and gas have shown the importance the need for good contract negotiation. People too often get tempted by ‘attractive’ contracts that turn into a nightmare when the prices go up unexpectedly.

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