Moving and Departure

You do not need to be moving from the other side of the world to benefit from WE4EXPATS relocation services. Dutch or expat`s moving from one city to another can use our help, too. Let us arrange all aspects of moving logistics and departure to and around the Netherlands. We will remind you to register your change of address online or at the City Office. So, your new address will be in the Municipal Personal Records Database within 24 hours.

Whether you are an expat returning home or following an assignment to the Netherlands, we can simplify your move to the Netherlands.

Moving Services:

Especially in this time of a global pandemic, you want to be ensured of a smooth transition. People are confronted more than ever with a lot of paperwork and uncertainty. We have been navigating a lot of our clients (and their belongings) safely through this storm and have set up a protocol that ensures an easy and safe moving and departure of you and your valuables. 

As every relocation is unique, it is not to say that you are in need of all of our services. Together we take a close look at your situation; your land of departure, your destination, specific wishes and limitations. 

Based on this information we advise you on what we think is the proper procedure, only together we decide on the best approach for your relocation. With the use of our services, you can easily avoid many of the potential pitfalls during the move.

These are some of the key aspects and advantages of using our relocation services:


Moving back home again entails many official matters to take care of. We will guide you through the complete procedure from cancellation of your rental contract, arranging professional cleaning company before inspection, representing you at the housing last inspection, getting back your deposit, cancellation of the utility subscriptions, de-registration and many more matters which must be completed before you leave.

Our knowledge of tenancy law, especially related to “fair wear and tear” secures your rental deposit refund and ensures a smooth departure logistics.

Access to a wide network of shipping companies

With years of experience with moving from all around the world, we have mapped out which shipping companies work best in certain regions. Furthermore we have direct lines with a lot of these companies, making sure that your relocation is on top of their mind. Everybody that has ever lost something during shipping knows the value of being ensured of trustworthy and fast shipping.  

Arranging packing, unpacking and lifting services

Moving is stressful enough as it is, without having to worry about the well being of your belongings. 

We treat your items with care and provide a smooth door-to-door delivery. As certain valuables require special attention, we pack your belongings taking specific custom rules into consideration. This does not just imply extra wrapping on a vase, but also carrying items such as a piano with the proper equipment and qualified people.

Furniture transportation or renting

Cities in the Netherlands usually do not allow people to move all day long, especially when you live in the city center of Amsterdam, Utrecht, the Hague or Rotterdam. Moving has to be done in the early morning or in the evening and it has to be done quickly. Renting a van and moving large furniture yourself can be stressful and dangerous. Some items can even be damaged, like a washing machine for example, when not carried and installed properly. Let us hire specialists that can move ánd install your furniture fast and securely, while still being affordable. 

Do you decide you prefer to rent furniture instead? There are a lot of price differences in providers. Use our experience to save on costs instead of quality!

Moving to another town within the Netherlands

When moving to another town within the Netherlands, you will need to notify the municipality that you will be moving there. You will then be de-registered at the city you are leaving (if so). This step is important to avoid future misunderstandings, for example when it comes to paying local taxes or finding a nearby health provider.

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