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Relocation to Holland Services

Each relocation to Holland is unique for each individual. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, but there are opportunities for everyone. We deliver a successful relocation to Holland by taking the time to listen. Let’s discover your requirements and support you throughout the whole process!

Feel free to contact us  to tell us about your personal situation in the form below. Let us guide you through your relocation experience and secure that you are comfortably settled in The Netherlands.

10 Essential Steps for Expats Arriving in the Netherlands

Step-by-step personal guidance and easy technology and will steer you effortlessly through the entire process. Starting with a checklist of points to consider before moving, and questions to ask your employer. Our on-the-ground expertise guarantees a smooth relocation to Holland.

Explore your Relocation to Holland

Got a job prospect in The Netherlands? Or are you looking to study in Amsterdam? Maybe you found a Dutch partner or are just looking to live abroad for no reason. Each situation offers specific possibilites and challenges. There is no such thing as ‘the expat’. That is why we choose for a personal approach. We are all about finding the right match for you in Housing, Immigration, Moving & Departure, Social Security and even Schooling & Daycare.

Before we officially start the housing search we will schedule a meeting or a call free of charge. Just to get to know you better. You indicate to us your wishes, demands, budget requirements and other relevant information. We will advise you further on what best fits your specific situation. We will let you know about the housing market and the process.
We work with reputable and trustworthy real estate agents offering full assistance in finding short-term or long-term accommodation. Our consultants will support expats and their families in finding a home while accompanying them throughout the whole process from researching, through viewing, contract negotiation and settling in. Read more

Full support

There are compulsory registrations that need to take place. This goes for every expat that plans to stay in The Netherlands for longer than three months. We provide full support for the registration and immigration process to our clients. We remove the stress of finding your way in the government procedures. Read more

  • Visa and Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Address registration at the City Hall
  • Obtain a BSN number (Social Security Number)

Most subscriptions in The Netherlands do not accept foreign bank accounts. For instance utilities, health insurance, phone contract etc. We highly recommend that long-term residents obtain a Dutch bank account as soon as they register in the Netherlands. Let us arrange it or assist you if needed.
It can be a challenge to find a good school that still has availability. We help to ensure timely enrolment of the children. When requested, we act as a party that will properly plan and execute the enrolment. Read more
We have access to a wide network of shipping companies. We are working closely with preferred suppliers to ensure better rates. As well as high quality services for our clients. Read more
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