Social Security and Tax

With our trusted partners, who are experienced tax consultants and lawyers, we are able to help individuals to obtain their 30% tax-ruling. Also social security issues such as A1 forms and supplementary  insurances (AOW and ANW) for Dutch citizens going on an assignment abroad, whilst working with treaty and non-treaty countries on all social security issues for professionals of all nationalities.

Secure your family and help you gain the benefits you are entitled for:

Family allowance and child benefits, Maternity and paternity social security benefits. Pensions in The Netherlands. Unemployment benefits in The Netherlands, etc.
“Social Security Services”International social security applications
We propose available housing options from our trusted network, often before they are even listed on the market
Option for sharing a video of house tours should you prefer remote viewing, due to not being in The Netherlands
We negotiate on your behalf the conditions of the tenancy agreement and check all the details for you

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